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JN Computer Training has experience in manufacturing, sales, farming, restaurants, resorts and grocery stores. The instructor has a Master of Business Administration degree and is a Microsoft Office Specialist in Microsoft Excel. We provide skills in basic Microsoft Office programs to advanced data analysis and visualization. We serve small to large fortune 500 companies. We specialize in bringing computers and focusing the training on the company’s business. We make people more productive at their jobs!


Fundamentals Microsoft Office

Topics include how to use Windows, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word. Trainees will become proficient using these computer programs.

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Foundation Microsoft Excel

You will learn shortcuts, how to develop workbooks, copy and pasting, autofit columns, formatting, column formulas, anatomy of a formula, how to print...

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Excel Advanced Formulas

You will put formulas to work! You will learn nested formulas, data validation, 3D maps, vlookups, templates, conditional formatting using formulas and more.

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Excel Data Analysis and Visualization

Power Query, Power Pivot, Power BI, Relationships in Excel, Calculated Columns, Measures, Excel Pivot Tables with Dashboards, Power BI, Tableau and more.

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Excel Statistical Analysis

Analysis of Variance, Mean squares of errors, Co-variance, Correlation, Exponential Smoothing, Charts, Pivot Tables, Fourier Analysis, Regression, Sampling, Moving Average and more.

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Microsoft Power BI Desktop and Power BI Services

If you analyze data, you might want to learn these Microsoft Power BI skills. Microsoft DAX formula, definition, syntax with examples. Import, Model and Visualize Data.

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Our Service Goals

Microsoft Office


Training On Office Tools

We specialize on Microsoft office tools and our goal is to give full software knowledge to company employees.

Excel Knowledge


Use Spreadsheets Intelligently

Our second major goal is to train company employees with extensive Excel workbook knowledge..

Reporting, Charts


Dashboards and Charts

While using basic functionality of the office tool the primary goal how to enhance reporting. We train employees to use them efficiently for reporting..

Business Intelligence


Excel, Power BI

Learning is not just a course but overall lifetime goal. From basic to sophisticated reporting. We're at your service..

Work Process

  • Discuss
  • Meeting
  • Training
  • Wrap-up

Customer contacts us about the services, how training will be provided and what skills they will learn

We set up a meeting with you to discuss your training needs. This gives us ideas of real-world examples on which to focus. We set up the appropriate classes on dates that work with everyone’s schedule

We provide on-site training to employees where you will learn hands-on, how to use computer programs and data analysis tools. We provide laptops to use in training

After every class, trainees are provided with a test of their skills and are rewarded with a certificate for graduating

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