Level 9 – Data Science For Business

Laptops are provided to use with on-site, classroom training, 2 days (16 hours)

Advanced DAX in Excel and Power BI
Relationships in tables
Combining, appending, joining, unioning data
Advanced filtering of tables

T-SQL basics in SQL Server Management Studio and Excel
Querying data using Select statements
Naming using aliases
Inner Joins, Left, Right, Full Outer Joins, Cross Joins, Self Joins
Pivot and working with Nulls

M Power Query in Excel and Power BI
MDX and Edit M language
Import data from multiple websites at once and refresh

Python in SQL Server, Visual Studio, Power BI and Tableau
How to download Anacondas and Python
PyCharm and Jupyter Notebook
Pandas, Matplotlib, Numpy
Python script to fill in Nulls with column Averages
Custom Python Visuals: violin charts, swarmplots, pairplots, scatterplots
Python predictive analysis
Make user interface buttons in Power BI reports

R in SQL Server, Visual Studio, R Studio, Power BI and Tableau
How to download R
Find and present business statistics using R
Import data using R script
Custom R Visuals: dual y-axis chart, boxplot, histograms, world maps, correlation
Logistic Regression

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