Level 8 – Tableau Prep and Tableau Desktop Laptops are provided to use with on-site, classroom training

We provide laptops to use with on-site training
Everyone receives a paperback workbook, 2 days (16 hours) $800 per person

Part 1 – Tableau Prep Workspace

Connecting to data
Cleaning, Shaping and Combining data
Grouping data
Output to Tableau Desktop

Tableau Desktop:
Tableau Settings
Connecting to Excel, CSV, PDF and ERP data
Organizing data
Filtering data
Cross tabs
Table calculations
Defining sets of subsets of data
Data and table calculations
Data extracts
Comparing measures
Group data into categories and subcategories
Joins and union of data
Data distributions
Column, bar, pie, scatter charts
Showing sales, expenses, inventory, on a world map
Heat maps
Tree maps
Dual-axis charts
Refreshing to import new data
Dashboards and stories to share visualizations

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