Laptops are provided to use with on-site, classroom training
Everyone receives a paperback workbook, 8 hours

1) Charts:
Filter/Sort, make tables out of data
Column, Bar, Line, Waterfall, Gantt, Pareto, Scatter, Control Charts
Excel templates, chart templates, snapshot in time charts
3D Maps
Data callouts
KPI (Key Performance Indicators)
Forecast sheet
Goal seek
Scenario Manager
Password Protection

2) PivotTables and PivotCharts:

Tables: why to use, naming, formatting
PivotTables: KPIs, filling in headings, clearing filters, copying
Cube functions: pointing to other Pivot Tables
Sum, count, average, min, max of data in PivotTables
Pivot Charts
Date Slider

3) Macros:
Developing a macro, macro enabled workbooks
Absolute vs Use Relative References in Macros
Macros to copy, paste, filter, sort, make charts
Macro shortcuts
Writing simple VBA code
Debugging VBA
Using macros in different Excel files

power query