Introduction to Six Sigma for Process Improvement

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1) Define
How to pick a project for improvement
Defining the problem and scope
High level flow diagram of the process
How to assemble a team
Develop a communication plan and identify all stakeholders in the process
Develop a project authorization request (a project charter)

2) Measure
Reason for Measure Phase
What to measure
Validate the reliability of your measurement tools
Identify critical risk factors for processes
Learn how to calculate your current process capability
Measure any other factors that relate to your process

3) Analyze
Test alternative process parameters
Use relevant statistics to analyze data
Determine most likely change or changes that will result in improvement
Communicate with stakeholders
Test the chosen improvement scenario
Develop hypothesis statement

4) Improve
Training relevant employees on the changes
Implement your chosen process changes
Update process documentation
Evaluate statistically documentation of the improvements
Validate the gains of the improvement change

5) Control
Ensure changes are implemented that make a positive impact
Ensure downstream departments are committed to the new process
Develop an on-going data collection process to ensure changes remain effective
Communicate process changes and financial impacts with all stakeholders
Close the project to move on to the next one