Level 102 – Fundamentals Microsoft Office

We provide laptops to use with on-site training
Everyone receives a paperback workbook, 8 hours

Part 1 – Outlook

Recognize spam email and delete or send to junk
Setting and accepting meeting requests
New email message to multiple people
Open and add attachment
Sort emails by sender and by date

Part 2 – Windows

Navigating in Windows
Start Menu
Using the File Explorer for shared and computer drives
Making new folders and subfolders

Part 3 – Excel

Create a basic spreadsheet
Make a chart to put in PowerPoint
Select, copy, paste
Save as a new file and as a PDF

Part 4 – PowerPoint

How to use PowerPoint
How to create a simple slide show
The best way to put charts in PowerPoint
How to take, edit and save screenshots on your computer
How to share your presentation
How to present a PowerPoint show
Recognize file extensions
Insert text, pictures, tables, videos of production processes
Format backgrounds and styles
Change font size and titles
Transitions, Animations and Running a Slide Show

Part 5 – Word

Search for documents on computer
Make a word document
Format, Insert text, pictures, tables
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