Level 3 – Microsoft Excel Advanced Formulas

We provide computers to use with on-site training
Everyone receives a paperback workbook, 8 hours

Free Sample Webinar Advanced Excel Tips and Formulas – August 20th 10-11am EST:

Chart Shortcuts
Chart Template
3D Maps
Snapshot of Time Charts
Advanced shortcuts
Profit Margin formula
Password Protection
Custom number formats
Data validation and error messages
Naming data and using in formulas
If and, not, iferror, averageifs, countifs, sumifs
Nested-ifs with 4 outcomes
Advanced 3D referencing other files and sheets
Match, Index
Vlookup, Hlookup
Goal Seek
Scenario Manager
Project Day Formulas
Watch Window
Round up or down
Conditional formatting with RGB & Formulas
Macros: developing and copying to other workbooks

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